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Welcome to Aloha Zichron Yaacov vacation rentals

Zichron Yaacov – Full Enjoyment in the Region of Wine and Sea

Zichron Yaacov, an old settlement or “Moshava” on the slope of Mount Carmel, is a combination of the Carmel and Coastal Plain encompassing a web of romantic views and pastoral tranquility. You will find unique tourist attractions, country-style accommodations, galleries, restaurants, cafes, and excellent wine in Zichron Yaacov, all with “taste of the past”. These and more make up the secret magic of the Zichron Yaacov which has conserved its character and color. Zichron Yaacov will lead tourists and visitors who come to discover the character of the Moshava, the settlement of the First Aliya, through a moving journey through time.

For me, the history in the reconstructed streets and landmarks embrace the treasures of exciting events and stories. The Moshava is a combination of the old and the new, offering entertainment and relaxation, fresh and clean air. To experience. To discover. To enjoy.

Best wishes for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Aloha "kings" in local tourism offer:
Weekend accommodations one unit or adjacent units for families, deluxe fully homes equipped with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, royal suites, holiday apartments, group vacations, single vacations, parties, pleasures, amusement, bachelor parties, bridal showers, honeymoon, anniversaries... anything is possible... professional massage available in private suites...
Villa for special family events are available. Music, bar, catering are optional. Aloha specialize in marketing locations for conventions and events, conferences for corporations and public bodies for executives or fun days for companies to benefit their staff.
Short term leases, day use, weekly rental, monthly rental for any purpose, renting a location for filming commercials, rooms in villas, romantic attractions. and more ....

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